Be Ready For The Airlines In 1 Year and Save Money

What is the difference between most aviation degree programs and American Winds?

Which is the better way to train?

At many University Aviation Programs,  you pay $150,000 for a Bachelors Degree with a Commercial SEL/MEL rating. And then maybe a CFI rating, it can depend… bottom line is 4 years of schooling and hired by an airline with 1,000 hours.

At AWCA (American Winds), you pay approximately $75,000 for an Associate Degree with a Commercial SEL/MEL rating and you also  receive a CFI rating …. bottom line is 1 year and hired by an airline with 1,250 hours.

The airlines do not care what aviation degree you have, they care about your flight training and experience.

Both are FAA certificates…. Why get a bachelors, spend all the money when you can get hired by the airlines without it in a fraction of the time?

Come spend a year training with us, and you will be well on your way to a career as an airline pilot.

Get more details about our Associate Degree Programs here.

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