Becoming a Pilot Through American Winds College of Aeronautics Program

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a pilot, now is the time to make that dream a reality! The aviation industry is booming and pilots have never been in higher demand. Launch a new aviation career today by enrolling in the American Winds Flight Academy. Join us below as we discuss your options to become a pilot in Ohio! Wondering how to become a pilot in Ohio? Thanks to Americans Winds College of Aeronautics, earning a pilot’s license in Ohio has never been easier. Located at the Akron Fulton Airport, American Winds can help you become a Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, […]

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Is There a Pilot Shortage?

The Aviation Industry believes that there is.. Here are a few statistics and information to back that up… Passenger Air Traffic Growth in 2019 alone = 4.2% Boeing BA has projected that aviation will need 790,000 new pilots by 2037 to meet growing demand, with 96,000 pilots needed to support the business aviation sector. But, Total Active Pilots in 2018 = 305,000 Higher standards for pilots with the 1500 hour rule has reduced the number of qualified pilots. Now is one of the best times to be getting into aviation.  Are you not sure what you can do as a pilot or

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Why train in the United States?

COST-­EFFECTIVE Factors such as less congested airspace, no surcharge taxes on aircraft fuel, no airspace usage fees, and moderate climate all contribute to a more cost-­effective way to build flight hours and prepare pilots for advanced training in the United States. RESPECTED WORLDWIDE Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Pilot Licenses are respected and validated around the world as International Civilian Aviation Organization (ICAO) Pilot Licenses. Most FAA-­licensed pilots stay within their own U.S. market; however, their training and licenses are so highly respected throughout the world, that some have ventured abroad to fly in other countries. 97% of the world’s pilots

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