Flight Training Courses

American Winds trains tomorrow’s pilots today! Our sole focus is to train individuals to have a career in aviation as a professional pilot, whether they fly for the airlines or in general aviation.

American Winds is an FAA certified Flight School as well as being an accredited and licensed educational institute. What does that mean for you?  Students at American Winds have the option to train two different ways. The first option is to take an induvial course from the Flight School. An FAA Certificate or Rating is awarded upon completion of each course. The second option is to enroll in one of our 5 accredited programs, which is a collection of courses, culminating to a graduation with an Associates Degree in Applied Science. More information about our accredited programs can be found here.

The Federal Aviation Administration calls individuals with the authorization to fly an aircraft (airplane, helicopter, etc.) in approved airspace, pilot certificates. Additional privileges are called ratings. Pilot certificates and ratings are issued by the FAA only. A flight school (American Winds) does not have the authority to issue pilot certificates. The FAA can give authorization to an individual or entities to act upon behalf of the FAA to issue pilot certificates. Example: Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE’s). However, American Wind has not been granted such authority. American Winds issues certificates of completion or graduation certificates for a course or program. American Winds certificates are NOT pilot certificates. As previously stated, this is where the academic world uses the word “certificate” in a different meaning than the FAA. The accrediting bodies assume when American Winds issues a certificate it gives the student authority to exercise pilot privileges. However, it only shows students received the required training for an authorized FAA instructor to endorse a student’s logbook. In world of aviation, it is the FAA who holds the power and authority not the flight school. Hence, the two meanings of the word “certificate.”

Students may elect to train under Part 61 or Part 141 operations. An approximate timeframe may be given for each course, due to weather restrictions, academic knowledge and flight skills required, each course may be completed in less time if all academic course requirements and flight requirements are met. Veterans may use benefits such as Post 9/11 G.I. Bill® and Montgomery G.I. Bill® on courses after Private Pilot. These courses are marked with a $. An FAA Certificate or Rating is awarded upon completion of each course.

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