Instrument Rating Training

Instrument Rating Course – Initial & Add-On

Take your flying to new heights!  Experience the thrill and challenge of flying in, and above, the clouds.

Have you wondered how the airline pilots do it?  Flying without seeing the ground, or landing without seeing the runway?  It’s done by sole reference to the instruments in the cockpit.  Your instrument rating will allow you to takeoff, operate, and land in weather that would normally ground a private pilot.  Even more so, it will teach you to be more refined with your flying, give you better situational awareness, and set you up for further training towards your Commercial License (if that’s your goal!)


  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Current 3rd Class Medical Certificate

Upon completion of your training and satisfactory results on your FAA Written and Practical tests, you’ll recieve an FAA Instrument Rating for the selected class.

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