Private Pilot Training

Private Pilot

So you want to take to the skies?! Here is where you start your journey!

Come take a discovery flight to see what fun awaits!  The private pilot course is your first step to becoming an aviator and a part of only .002% of the population who experience life a little different!  No matter your goal, everyone needs to start here; As a private pilot you can carry passengers and explore new places in a variety of aircraft.

Weather you learn under FAR Part 61 or 141 (You’ll learn more about this later) the training you’ll receive here is among the best in Ohio.


  • Age 16 to fly solo; age 17 to earn Private Pilot Certificate
  • Current government-issued photo ID
  • Birth certificate or current passport
  • Student Pilot Certificate
  • Ability to obtain at least a 3rd Class Medical Certificate

Upon completion of your training and satisfactory results on your FAA Written and Practical tests, you’ll recieve an FAA Private Pilot, Single Engine (or Multi-Engine) Land Certificate.

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