Is There a Pilot Shortage?

Jan 30, 2020

The Aviation Industry believes that there is.. Here are a few statistics and information to back that up…

Passenger Air Traffic Growth in 2019 alone = 4.2%

Boeing BA has projected that aviation will need 790,000 new pilots by 2037 to meet growing demand, with 96,000 pilots needed to support the business aviation sector. But, Total Active Pilots in 2018 = 305,000

Higher standards for pilots with the 1500 hour rule has reduced the number of qualified pilots.

Now is one of the best times to be getting into aviation.  Are you not sure what you can do as a pilot or how much you might make?  Take a look at the links below for some ideas.  When you’re done with that, check out what pilots potentially make in salary.

Resources to back up the pilot shortage belief:

Forbes – Perfect Storm For a Pilot Shortage

CNBC – Boeing CEO says a global pilot shortage is ‘one of the biggest challenges’ facing the airline industry

CNN – The US is facing a serious shortage of airline pilots.

Boeing’s Market Outlook – Information on the GLOBAL pilot shortage

Time Building Jobs– Until you make it to the big planes, you gotta build time; here’s how!

Charter Flying – The airlines aren’t the only ones in the skies with a lot of hours!

Airline Flying – This is what most people think of when deciding to fly!

Salary Potential – Of course this is what we all want to know!

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