Bachelor Degree Partnership

American Winds is a Flight Training Affiliate (FTA) for Liberty University School of Aeronautics.  In this program, the student will take Liberty University’s general academic and aviation academic courses online and complete flight training at American Winds. Students have the potential to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in as little as two years, depending on how quickly they complete the online courses, how often they fly, their ability to pass the required FAA exams and other factors, such as weather.

For more information about Liberty University School of Aeronautics, click here.

Below are the approved flight courses on the current Form 1998 WEAMS Report. Those who qualify can use their benefits for the following flight courses only.  

  • Instrument Flight (AVIA320)*
  • Commercial Flight (AVIA325)*
  • Commercial Flight (AVIA326)*
  • Commercial Flight (AVIA327)*
  • Multi Engine Add-On (AVIA440)* [or] Single Engine Add-On (AVIA331)*
  • Flight Instructor Certification Course (AVIA420)*
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Certification Course (AVIA422 – 1 Credit)* or (AVIA423 – 3 Credits)*
  • Multi Engine Instructor Certification Course (AVIA441 – 1 Credit)* or (AVIA443 – 3 Credits)*
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