You are More than a Student... We are More than a Flight School...

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American Winds College of Aeronautics is an FAA Approved Part 61 & Part 141 Certified Flight School & FAA Authorized for the Restricted ATP (R-ATP)

Why Choose American Winds

Flight School or College

Come to train under part 61 or part 141 regulations to get an individual FAA certificate or rating.  OR, come train at our flight school and attend our college. We are our own independent aviation college. Fast Track your training at our flight school and/or earn your restricted ATP associates degree in one to one and a half years. 

We are the future of flight school and college training. Designed by an aviator, for an aviator. At our college we only offer the best in flight training and customer service as we help you Take Off to a Brighter Future.  


 American Winds College of Aeronautics strives to build, operate, maintain, and preserve a profitable high quality, highly respected aviation training facility.

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