Message From the Chief Flight Instructor


American Winds – a diverse, student-centered school where we pride ourselves on building the lives of our students through small class sizes, expert faculty, research, and cultural events. Our goal at American Winds is to ensure that all students get the best education possible while having a truly remarkable flight school experience.

To do this, we make students our #1 priority, never losing sight of their reason for being here. Through orientations, awareness programs, and attentive guidance, American Winds students are given opportunities to thrive, whether it is inside or outside the classroom. Students who graduate from American Winds are well-rounded, educated, and capable individuals.

People say “a pilot is always prepared for the worst day ever.”  I believe that all the instruction given at American Winds is based on real-life examples which make our students not only good pilots, but also safe pilots. The flight school is like a family. People are always here for you with a helping hand so you never feel alone. The instructors are excellent and flight scheduling is readily available. All airplanes are maintained under the stringent standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. The school has a well-structured syllabus and systematic way of teaching both the ground lessons and flight lessons.

At American Winds, instructors give every student a pre-flight briefing on lessons that will be practiced in the airplane. A student is graded based on his/her performance.  In this way, a student always knows his/her progress, which helps a student throughout his or her training. One word that comes to my mind when I think of American Winds is commitment! The instructors are always willing to answer questions, whether in the air or on the ground. In fact, they have Q & A sessions to test student’s knowledge and brush up on topics to help the student obtain proficiency. Care is taken to get each student’s flying done on a day-to-day basis.

Face the challenge to become a pilot!

I thank you for your interest in American Winds and encourage you to continue exploring American Winds online or by visiting our Akron Fulton Int’l Airport office.

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