1) Explore our website – AmericanWinds.edu: This is your first step to finding out what American Winds has to offer. Our website will give you a basic overview of our Associate Degree Programs, flight training courses, ground school and our training fleet.  For specific questions or additional information, complete the online contact form or email admissions@teachmetofly.com.

2)  Call our office at 330-733-2500: Our office is open seven days a week, with staff ready to give you additional information on American Winds.

3) Schedule an information appointment with our Admissions Team*:  During this appointment, you will have the opportunity to see the classroom and training fleet, ask questions and meet with the Chief Pilot or one of the Certified Flight Instructors. This would also be the time to schedule a Discovery Flight if you have never flown in a smaller aircraft.

4) Take a Discovery Flight: Meet one-on-one with a flight instructor for an exciting flight experience. Depending on which option you choose, you may have the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art flight simulator before heading out on your flight. The instructor can give you background on his or her experience as a career pilot and answer any new questions you may have.

5) Make an enrollment appointment*: After you have decided to take the first step to becoming a professional pilot, we will work with you to complete all the necessary paperwork. We require all incoming students to review and sign an enrollment agreement.  Now you are ready to begin the next chapter of your life and train to become a career pilot.

*Admissions and enrollment appointments may be scheduled Tuesday – Thursday during normal business hours.

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