Student Testimonials

I've been meaning to reach out to you. (Sorry for the procrastinating) I just wanted to say THANK YOU for teaching me how to fly! Getting my PPL back in January was a huge accomplishment. You were always friendly and helpful to me. Colin was an amazing instructor as well as Nick. I learned so much in ground school with Dave, and just really enjoyed my experience with you. I never got to go away for college so the next part of my journey has taken me down to Florida. I'm working hard but the base knowledge I gained from your program has been extremely helpful. The only thing better about Florida is the weather! (LOL) I do plan on returning home this Fall and just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of the American Winds family. I have nothing but good things to say about you and your program. Let's keep in touch!
Matt Hardman
Student Pilot
American Winds Flight Academy is a fun, exciting and exceptional school to receive your flight training. The instructors are very knowledgeable and receptive to your learning needs. The staff is friendly, helpful and always does their best to meet your scheduling requirements. I would recommend this flight school to anyone who is looking for flight training from Private Pilot for just recreational flying to Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor training for career pilots. Come check it out.
Andrew Mason
Student Pilot
My first flight up was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I went up with Stacy (my flight instructor) and Tracie who was practicing for her commercial license, which is pulling stalls, then recovering, and pulling Gs. I almost puked but that's ok. I learned that you are supposed to puke in your shirt. I'm marketing American Winds Flight Academy by wearing my jacket EVERYWHERE. I learned one of my track coaches flies and was really impressed, and now I can't wait to go back in the air !!!!!!!! AMERICAN WIND FLIGHT ACADEMY ROCKS... it blows my socks away!!!!!!!!!
Kelsea Brown
Student Pilot
When I first started there it blew me away how involved everybody was in helping every student there achieve their goals. I would have to say the best experience was the flight instructors. My flight instructor was Stacy Goulding. I can’t tell you how much motivation and courage she gave me, listening to her experiences and trials made me want to go out and create my own. She did everything she could to save me money, she had me do ground lessons with a prospective instructor. Tracy is currently working on her Commercial license so she spent much of her own time and effort to help me get threw my training. I have never been with more knowledgeable and motivated people in my life. You really are surrounded with positive influences while you’re there and I would highly recommend attending this flight school. I got in and out of the school in record timing thanks to all the hard work from all their flight instructors and students. The amount of money that everybody saved me is overwhelming. I can’t see anybody else going to a different flight school and having the same experience. Thanks to everybody at the flight school for all their devotion I currently hold my private pilot’s license. I truly couldn’t have done it without them. There is not one person there that you can’t learn from. Everybody has an experience to share, and a story behind it. Much like a second family which truly anybody could rely on. They all share that same aviation sickness. It spreads like wildfire, take to the skies to truly find out what it’s about at American Winds Flight Academy.
Matt Moro
Student Pilot
Hello my name is Abdul Tukur, and I came to American Winds from my homeland of Nigeria. I was unsure of what to expect when I came to America, but the uncertainty I had was eased by American Winds. They made me feel welcomed from day one and took me in as part of the family. The flight instructors have been great and really show a personal interest in helping me reach my goal of being a career pilot. The school's attention to detail and to my finances has been excellent.
Abdul Tukur
International Student Pilot - Nigeria
Working with the folks at American Winds has been a truly marvelous experience. Denise and Mike run a first-rate business. Every one of the CFIs that I've had the opportunity to fly and train with has been extremely friendly people as well as highly competent professionals. Anybody stopping by the office is always treated as a friend first and a customer second. As pleasant as all of the people are at American Winds, the single biggest factor that I point to when recommending them to others is that no matter what level one is training or flying on, the primary focus of every flight related activity is on safety. This aspect above all others most impressed me from day one and it continues to do so. Stop by the office any time and I guarantee you will immediately see what I'm talking about. American Winds is a great place to experience the fun of flying - from the ground up to any flight level.
Chuck Bell
Student Pilot
The instructors and staff at American Winds Flight Academy are very informative, knowledgeable, and patient. I made the correct decision by choosing American Winds.
Elbert Scott
Student Pilot
I've been with American Winds for two years and it has turned into my second home. The staff is very professional and welcomes each student into the family with open arms. They offer great one-on-one help and with the many teaching styles of the instructors, you're sure to find one that fits your personality and needs. I'd recommend this flight school to anyone trying to reach the skies above.
Jeremy King
Student Pilot
People say that "a pilot is always prepared for the worst day ever". I believe that all the instruction given at American Winds is based on real time examples which make us not only good pilots but safe pilots. The instructors and fleet here are very promising and they help you complete the whole commercial pilot's license course in as little time as possible. The flight school is like a family. People are always there for you with helping hands and you can never feel alone. The instructors are good and scheduling flights is never really a big problem. All airplanes are maintained in good condition and abide by stringent maintenance standards set by the federal aviation administration. The school has a well structured syllabus and systematic way of teaching the ground lessons as well as flight lessons. All the doubts are attended to until they are clear. The instructors give us a pre-flight briefing on lessons that would be practiced in the airplane. Based on our performance, we are graded. In that way, we know our progress, which helps us do better the next time we take that lesson. One word that comes to my mind when I think of American Winds is commitment! The instructors are always willing to answer the queries whether in the air or on the ground. In fact they have Q & A sessions to test our knowledge and brush up on topics we are not very confident about. Care is taken to get our flying done on a day-to-day basis apart from some inevitable circumstances. I feel that this flying school is better than any other where you are always confused and don't know what to do. At American Winds, you are always welcomed with a smile. Join us. Fly safe. Someone is waiting at home.
Atul Sharma
International Student Pilot - India
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