Veteran Benefits

Thank you for your service! Education benefits for veterans are a privilege for those who served to protect our freedom. Education is important and our veterans deserve no less. One of the Veterans Administration’s goals is to provide excellence in veterans’ benefits including education. 

In the near future our nation is going to face a shortage of pilots. The world of aviation has a bright future and as a veteran you can be a part of that future.

Using your VA education benefits for a career in aviation is a smart move. If you like planes or helicopters, there are wonderful opportunities for you in the industry. Whether you want to fly pro basketball teams, private jets for celebrities or corporations, families on vacation or important cargo across the country, using your VA benefits will benefit you and your family. 

*Liberty University is approved to offer GI Bill educational benefits by the Virginia State Approving Agency.

American Winds is proud of our military. We are also very proud to assist you in making your dreams come true to become a Commercial Pilot and will guide you in using your VA Benefits.

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