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How Does the Commercial Pilot Fast Track Program Work?

Not interested in a college degree? Want to start your career as a pilot ASAP? Ready to dedicate yourself full time to flight training and ground school programs? This program is for you!

  • Requires only courses for FAA certificates and ratings
  • Includes zero academic or general education courses*
  • Can be completed in 10-12 months

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*Note that completing this program qualifies you for the issuance of FAA certificates and ratings only – there is no college degree issued for completing this program.

  • Our FAA Certified Flight School is 
  • Enroll only in FAA certificate and rating courses. No aviation academic courses or gen eds!
  • Once you complete the Certified Flight Instructor certificate, we’ll hire you to rack up flight ours while getting paid!
  • After attaining the 1,500 flight hours for your ATP – you can start applying for your dream job at the commuter and / or regional airlines.

Why Choose This Program at American Winds?

If you’re looking for the fastest way to jumpstart your career as a commercial pilot, American Winds is the place to be! Benefits of flying with us include:

More Days to Fly – We are only closed 11 days of the year, keeping you on track to build flight time quickly.

More Aircraft – We own a fleet of 11 single and multi-engine planes, plus an FAA-approved simulator for even more training opportunities.

More Instructor Availability – We have 15 full-time instructors on staff to get you in the air as often as you like.

More Weather to Navigate – We’re located in Ohio where you’ll learn to fly in all types of weather conditions faster than in other states.

More Job Opportunities – We’ll hire you once you complete your Certified Flight Instructor rating – so you can start getting paid to fly while racking up total flight hours.

If you’re focused on applying to the major commuter or regional airlines, you’ll need to understand the difference between an ATP certificate and a Restricted ATP degree diploma. Learn more about this in our Associate Degree Programs and Bachelor Degree Programs.

What is the Restricted ATP?

It's the certificate required by the FAA to fly as a captain for the commercial airlines (regional / majors).

The ATP certificate requires a total of 1,500 hours of flight time. The FAA ATP Pilot Certificate should not be confused with the Restricted ATP degree diploma. The Restricted ATP is a designation that the FAA will grant the authority to colleges and universities with approved aviation degree programs to issue a diploma called the Restricted ATP. This diploma will allow college or university graduates to be hired in less flight time. The second diploma with FAA logo signifies that the degree program is approved by the FAA to be hired by the airlines.

R-ATP Bachelor's Degree = 1,000 flight hours needed to be hired by the airlines.

R-ATP Associate Degree = 1,250 flight hours needed to be hired by the airlines.

No Approved Aviation Degree = 1,500 hours needed to be hired by the airlines.