Veteran Benefits

Dear Veterans,

On behalf of the American Winds College of Aeronautics Team, we would like to thank you for your service and dedication to our country. We appreciate your efforts, the sacrifices you have made and are honored to have such brave individuals fight for our safety and protection.

We are proud to be able to offer training and career guidance for our veterans. Education benefits are a well-deserved privilege for those who served to protect our freedom. Using these benefits to secure a future in the growing field of general aviation allows our veterans to step back in to society and enter a career with a promising future.

We look forward to serving your career and educational goals in any way that we can.

At this time, VA benefits cannot be used in the College Program. Benefits can be used in flight training courses AFTER a PPL has been obtained.

What are VA Benefits?

American Winds is approved by the Ohio Department of Veteran Services (State approving agency for Veteran Education & Training) to use funding for one of the three following opportunities:

  1. Select stand-a-lone courses
  2. Vocational Rehab

Veteran Benefits are applied differently for each of the opportunities listed above, so please carefully review they types of benefits listed below to find the best option for you:

1. Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33)

2. Montgomery GI Bill® – Active Duty (MGIB-AD) (Chapter 30)

3. Montgomery GI Bill® Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) (Chapter 1606)

4. Survivors and Dependents Assistance® (DEA) (Chapter 35)

How To Apply

If you have never applied for educational benefits you need the following:

The first process in receiving VA benefits is filling out an Application for Education Benefits (VA Form 22-1990).  This form must be completed by any veteran or reservist who has not previously applied for education benefits from the VA. A copy of the discharge papers (DD 214) must be attached. In the case of Chapter 1606, the Notice of Basic Eligibility (DD Form 2384) must be attached. An Application for Education Benefits may be requested from the Department of Veterans Affairs or obtained from the County Veterans Service Officer.

  • Once the VA processes the application, and you are approved. American Winds needs to retain a copy of your application, in addition to any discharge papers or attached documents. You will then receive a Certificate of Eligibility or Authorization to use VA benefits for vocational use. American Winds will also need a copy of that document to keep in your VA folder.
  • View and fill in VA form 22-1990 at

Before starting your flight training, the VA requires that the flight school collect the following information:

  1. VA requires a medical certification valid for Second Class privileges (First Class for ATP)
  2. Private Pilot License or higher
  3. Copy of VA application for benefits
  4. Student’s signed statement of receipt of school catalog (American Winds to provide)
  5. Copy of certificate to FAA for commencement of Part 141 training (American Winds to provide)
  6. Evaluation of prior credit (if applicable, done by the Chief Flight Instructor)
  7. 85/15% listing of enrolled students (American Winds to complete)

After the aforementioned items are collected, American Winds will complete the Enrollment Certification (VA Form 22-1999) and submit it to the VA office in Buffalo, NY.

If you have previously applied for educational benefits you need the following:

Enrollment Certification (VA Form 22-1999) completed by American Winds, and a Request for Change of location or Place of Training (VA 22-1995). Please note that VA form 22-1995 will only need to be completed if you have previously used your Veterans Educational benefits