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Get Your Professional Pilot Career Off the Ground

What’s the best way to achieve your dreams of flying private or commercial planes? At American Winds, you’ve located:

1. Commercial Pilot Fast Track

Complete your Associate’s Degree in as little as 12-15 months while getting your Commercial Pilot rating in our fast-track program.

2. Associate Degree

The Associate Degree in Aviation at American Winds is roughly half the cost of a bachelor degree and lowers the minimum flight hours.

3. Individual Courses

We’re focused on hands-on training at American Winds, so we’ll get you up in the air on the first day you enroll as a student.

American Winds vs. an Aviation University Degree

Think the only route to flying commercial runs through a large traditional university campus? Think again! American Winds can fast-track your flight plan with full-time flight instruction 350 days a year while costing you less money and maintaining all requirements for FAA ratings and certifications.

American Winds 2‑Year Associate Degree

4-Year Aviation University Degree

Get Licensed on the Fast Track 12-15 month plan
Time Invested
Licensed in at least 4 years
$80,000 Average Cost
Average Cost
Average Cost of $165,000
Start Getting Paid as a Pilot in Less Than 4 Years
Time to Start Earning
Begin paying down debt in 4 years
No Delays. Start Training on Day 1
Time to Start Flying
Delays in Flight Training Due to Scheduling Restrictions
Personalized 1-on-1 Instruction With Full-Time Flight Instructors
1-on-1 Instruction Opportunities
Group Instruction and Limited Aircraft Availability

Start charting the path to your dream career today!

American Winds by the Numbers

4 Awards

100+ Students

13+ Countries Represented by International Students

24+ Years of Service

Let Your Dreams Take Flight!

Having a hard time picturing yourself in the captain’s seat? Call to schedule your Discovery Flight today and get a first-hand feel for defying gravity. We can get you up in the air with one of our experienced pilots any day of the week. Then you’ll know for sure that you’re ready to upgrade from passenger to aviator!

An Aviation School Designed by an Aviator

Founder and Chief Flight Instructor Denise Hobart and her late husband, Mike, envisioned a more affordable aviation program. Denise knew that a bachelor’s degree in aviation cost more than most potential students could afford and wasted a lot of time and money on unnecessary classes.

So she put her 25-plus years of experience as both a commercial pilot and a flight instructor to work – getting FAA accreditation to convey both Part 61 and Part 141 competencies from her flight school in the Akron-Cleveland region. Then she went even further and got the higher-ed accreditation that allows students at American Winds College of Aeronautics to earn associate degrees. Her diligence and persistence made it possible to really bring down the average cost to become a commercial pilot – which opens the flight deck door for many people who couldn’t otherwise see themselves in the pilot’s seat.

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