International Students

We welcome all students to both our Flight School and our College of Aeronautics!

We understand that it can be confusing to become a pilot in the U.S which is why we are here to help!

steps to becoming a pilot

Step 1

Review all the information for all students and International Students on our website. Our website will give you a basic overview of our academic programs, flight training courses, ground school and our fleet of aircraft.

Step 2

DECIDE IF YOU WILL USE AN EDUCATIONAL AGENCY: Educational agencies promote and recruit students to attend academic institutions around the world. For additional fees, these agencies may assist you in completing the required forms and some may offer additional placement services upon graduation from American Winds. American Winds has many students from around the world who did not use an agency. In these cases, we walk the students through the entry process. The student and their parents will work closely with the President of American Winds and our International Student Counselor /Ambassador who provide the same services as an educational agency.

Step 3

COMPLETE AMERICAN WINDS ENROLLMENT APPLICATION: Contact us to complete the Enrollment Application. Our office is open 7 days a week with staff available to guide you through the TSA and visa processes.

Step 4

SUBMIT TSA APPLICATION: The U.S. government requires all international students to complete a TSA application prior to entering the United States and beginning flight training. Please review the Admissions Section or our International Academic Catalog for further details then visit their website

Step 5

E­MAIL SCANNED DOCUMENTATION TO AMERICAN WINDS: It is very important that each student send a complete and accurate set of scanned documents to our International Student Counselor/Ambassador at If there are any errors, incomplete documents, or misspelling then there will be a delay in the issuance of an I­20 or denial of a visa.

Step 6

RECEIVE I­20 FOR VISA INTERVIEW: Once a student receives their I­20, review it for accuracy then start preparing documents for your visa interview.

Step 7

SCHEDULE VISA INTERVIEW: Make your visa appointment. Confirm your bank loan documents are accurate and certified. You are encouraged to get your FAA medical before your visa interview, if available.

Step 8

TRAVEL TO U.S.A.: Make your dreams come true of becoming a Commercial Pilot.

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