Akron Fulton Airport

School Location

American Winds is located in Suite 1 of the Lockeed Martin campus on the south side of the airport.  What better backdrop than the old blimp hangar?

Amazing History

During WWII, everyone and every company had something to contribute to the war effort.  This includes the Goodyear rubber company as they were a licensed builder of the FG-1D Corsair.  Of the over 12,000 total corsairs built, just over 5,000 were constructed right here in Akron, Ohio and flew from our airport. Later it would become home to the famous Goodyear Blimps before they would relocate to Wingfoot Lake.
Most recently, Lockheed Martin’s development of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has roots right here on this campus as well. When you fly here, you become part of this amazing legacy!  What better place to start; than right here are American Winds.
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