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Is it really possible to get an Associate Degree in Aviation and do so in just ONE YEAR while getting your Commercial Pilot rating and be ready for a pro pilot career?

The Answer is Yes!

First, we should note that all our Associate Degree Programs are fully through the American Winds College of Aeronautics and are designated as 2 year programs.

But it is possible to accomplish getting your Associate degree in as little as one year with our fast-track program!

During the Aviation Certification process (and over the course of one year with our fast-track program), General Aviation Courses and General Academic Courses are  wrapped together. Because we offer both academic & aviation classes and flight training year round, with our fast-track program, we can help the student accomplish everything they need to learn in as little as one year. But, we don’t rush the process. If the student wishes to go at a slower pace, we can do that too. Our students can go at whatever pace is comfortable for them – the most important factor being comprehensive instruction of both aviation and academic courses, but especially comprehensive flight training.

Heres How It Works

Heres How It Works

We also offer Fast-Track flight courses!

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