FAA Certified Flight Simulator

FAA-Certificated Flight Training Device ~ Advanced: Elite Model PC-1. The Elite PC-1 is a highly advanced, PC-based IFR flight training device.It was evaluated and approved by the FAA to be authorized for use in satisfying maneuvers and procedures under Parts 141 and 61 training.Special features include:~ Flight controls (yoke, rudders, throttles, and ancillary switches) ~ Avionics: King Silver Crown style ~ Dual CPUs (main computer, image generator and sound system) ~ Cockpit (seat, instrument panel with dual LCD monitor configuration) ~ External display system (LCD display and stand) ~ Instructor Operator Station (desk, LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse) ~ ELITE Version 8 AATD software includes eight aircraft personalities from simple, complex to twin engine aircraft that provide a broad range of training capabilities.
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