FAA Certified Flight Simulator

FAA-Certificated Flight Training Device ~ Advanced: Elite Model PC-1. The Elite PC-1 is a highly advanced, PC-based IFR flight training device. It was evaluated and approved by the FAA to be authorized for use in satisfying maneuvers and procedures under Parts 141 and 61 training. Special features include: ~ Flight controls (yoke, rudders, throttles, and ancillary switches) ~ Avionics: King Silver Crown style ~ Dual CPUs (main computer, image generator and sound system) ~ Cockpit (seat, instrument panel with dual LCD monitor configuration) ~ External display system (LCD display and stand) ~ Instructor Operator Station (desk, LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse) ~ ELITE Version 8 AATD software includes eight aircraft personalities from simple, complex to twin engine aircraft that provide a broad range of training capabilities.
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